GHIN (Golf Handicap and Information Network)

The MGA is eager to provide GHIN (Golf Handicap and Information Network) to you, a quality handicap service for member clubs and individuals.  The GHIN service is a complete package, which helps clubs and individuals to support and interact with the MGA. Being part of GHIN allows clubs and individuals to access more than 10,000 clubs with over 2 million golfers. Clubs and individuals can request at any time to receive the most current USGA Handicap Index for any golfer in the network.  GHIN members can post their scores at any GHIN club in the nation and scores will be quickly sent back to their home clubs. If you use or are planning to install an “in-house” handicap service other than GHIN, your members are being deprived of the advantages and technology that only GHIN can offer. All information pertaining to GHIN may be accessed using the links to the left or if you would like additional information please contact the MGA Staff.